Video | Hainan culture: Danzhou Bay

By Cai Rong / hiHainan / Updated: 2020-11-17,18:18

Danzhou Bay is located in the Danzhou City, Hainan Province. One of the ten most noteworthy coastal wetlands in China, Danzhou Bay has a coastline stretching over 50 kilometers. Danzhou Bay covers a vast area, lying next to the Beibu Gulf and linking Xinzhou Town, Mutang Town, Baimajing Town, the Danzhou New Coastal Area, and the Yangpu Economic Development Zone.

Mangroves grow here like an oasis on the sea, acting as loyal "marine guardians" of the ocean as well as creating a beautiful, scenic line of emerald green along the coast. Each ebb and flow of the tides and each sunrise and sunset creates a new, picturesque spectacle.

Danzhou Bay is an important habitat for waterfowl. Here, there are 168 recorded species of aquatic birds, some of which are under first and second class national protection such as the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Eastern Imperial eagle, Black-faced Spoonbill, and Saunders's Gull. 

An ecological treasure-trove of biodiversity, Danzhou Bay’s excellent ecosystem is flourishing with abundant life. It’s home to a large number of fish, crabs, oysters, sand worms, and other creatures dwelling on the seafloor, making Danzhou Bay a kind of “Ocean Nursery”.

Danzhou Bay has a vibrant local fishing culture. Generation after generation of Danzhou fishermen here have harvested aquatic snails, caught crabs and fish, and sailed out onto the sea, bringing home the fresh flavors of the ocean daily. 

People all across the world have each developed their own ways of living, suited to the lands where they live. The hardworking, brave, industrious fishermen of Danzhou Bay live in harmony with nature just as their ancestors did. They will also continue to improve their efforts to protect the green mountains and clear waters of Danzhou Bay so that her natural beauty and bountiful provision will continue to increase for generations to come.



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