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The southernmost city on Hainan Island, Sanya is renowned for its sunny, tropical climate. It is also the host city of the Sixth Asian Beach Games Sanya 2020, which is scheduled for next year. Sanya is a popular tourism destination for both domestic and international travelers. In Sanya, you can enjoy the crystal blue seawater, sandy beaches, lush tropical rainforests, and super-fresh, mouthwatering seafood. Plus, you can learn about the unique cultures of the local Li and Miao minority peoples.

Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island, a 5A national tourist attraction, is also known as “Lovers’ Island.” It is surrounded by deep blue water that stretches off into infinity, barely changing color where it meets the dazzling blue of the sky. The island is also well-known for scuba diving and water sports. Scuba divers enjoy marine life up close and personal, including tropical fish and coral reefs in a riot of bright, tropical colors. For water sports, parasailing, flyboarding, and jet-skiing are just a few of the many thrilling options.

Location: Haitang Bay, Sanya

Wuzhizhou Island (

Wuzhizhou Island (

Lovers’ Bridge (

Parasailing (

 Flyboarding (Xinhua)

Luhuitou Park

Luhuitou Park offers spectacular views of Sanya City and the surrounding waters. The best times to visit are sunrise and sunset, when the peak offers sweeping views of the changing, colorful skies over the city. Luhuitou literally means “a deer looking back.” At Luhuitou Park a grand statue celebrates the local love story of a hunter and a deer. The two fell in love after the deer, cornered, turned her head toward the hunter and transformed into a beautiful lady. The deer is a symbol of the city of Sanya, which is why it is referred to as the “Deer City”.

Location: Luling Rd., Sanya

Statue of the Deer Looking Back (

Sanya night view (

Sanya Romance Park

Sanya Romance Park is renowned for the Legend of Romance, a colorful theatrical performance about Sanya. The show features singing, dancing, and acrobatics, providing a visual and cultural feast for the audience. This must-see show features the long history and unique culture of the city, using the advanced audio equipment and stage effects to create dreamy poetic imagery and heart-stopping action. Additionally, the park offers plenty of other family-friendly experiences, with a zoo, a “typhoon” room, souvenir and snack booths, and pop-up street performances anywhere, anytime!

Location: 333 Yingbin Rd., Sanya



The legend of the “Deer Looking Back” (

The legend of the “Maritime Silk Road” (

Yalong Bay National Resort

Known as the “Number 1 bay in China,” Yalong Bay is a 7km-long crescent shaped bay, which boasts the cleanest water and whitest sand in China. The water is almost transparent and appears in several shades of shimmering blue when viewed from a distance, thanks to the unique seafloor. Prepare to be dazzled by the transition from pale green to emerald and from light blue to indigo. The sea is full of coral and schools of darting tropical fish. Water sports such as scuba diving, jet-skiing and banana boating are especially popular here.



Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Rainforest Park showcases one of the most well-protected rainforests in China and is home to around 1,500 species of tropical plants and 190 species of wild animals. In addition, it was featured in the popular movie If You Are the One 2 directed by Feng Xiaogang. Several spectacular scenic spots around the Park including the Bird’s Nest Resort and Crossing Dragon Chain Bridge were featured in the movie, and are definitely worth a visit to see why.

Location: Yalong Bay National Resort Area, Sanya

Bird’s Nest Resort (

Glass Skywalk (

The villa in the movie If You Are the One 2. (

Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

This is a 5A national tourist attraction and the largest Buddhism-themed park in China, where visitors can enjoy the therapeutic balm of both the spiritual and natural worlds.

The massive, grandly decorated Nanshan Temple was built in the style of the ancient, prosperous Tang Dynasty. The Nanshan Longevity Cultural Festival is held here annually to celebrate the oldest living Hainanese people. Living in Hainan, with access to local tropical fruits, vegetables, and the bounty of the sea is beneficial to your health, making the people of Hainan some of the longest living in the entire world.

Nanshan Temple (

The 108-meter (354-foot) three-faced Nanshan Guanyin on the Sea is the world’s largest Guanyin statue as well as a local landmark. Many visitors get a glimpse of the statue from the air when their planes approach the Sanya Phoenix International Airport. Local legends say that typhoons in Sanya used to be frequent and cause a lot of damage, but since the construction of the statue, they began to bypass the city. Come and see if it’s true for yourself!

Nanshan Guanyin on the Sea (

The Kaili Building Vegetarian Restaurant in the Park offers a buffet where you can eat food that is both tasty and healthy.

Vegetarian food (

Location: Nanshan Temple Park, Sanya

No.1 Farmers Market

The No.1 Farmers Market is the most famous place to buy seafood in Sanya. It has a wide selection of fresh-caught seafood at affordable, clearly marked prices. There are also many restaurants here which specialize in preparing your seafood on site just the way you like it. Local traditional dishes such as Tengqiao Pork Ribs, Yanglan Sour Fish Soup, and Coconut Rice are also worth a taste! The No.1 Farmers Market also boasts a variety of tropical fruit, local pearl jewelry, seashells, island apparel, and other Sanya souvenirs.

Location: 155 Xinjian Street, Sanya





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