Video Interview: Greetings of foreign diplomats for Hainan Free Trade Port

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The construction of Hainan free trade port is growing vigorously. During their visit to Hainan, foreign diplomats learned about the development process and momentum of Hainan free trade port from their perspectives. They will also convey the information to their own countries and promote foreign enterprises to invest in Hainan. Do you want to know what foreign diplomats think and wish for Hainan free trade port? Let’s check out this video!

“What we have seen over the past few days is that there's a lot of ambition, energy‌‌, and goodwill. We would like to see what the concept of Hainan free trade port can develop further, and hope that Netherlands can also play a role and contribute to the construction of Hainan free trade port with the knowledge and technologies that we have, to‌‌ bring this free trade port to a higher level.”

-------- Mr. Michiel Bierkens, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guangzhou

“What Hainan is doing here ‌‌through its international free trade port,‌‌ and through ‌‌all the other‌‌ outstanding‌‌ achievements we have seen over the last two days,‌‌ is reaching out to the rest of the world and saying:‌‌ we are here to connect with you, ‌‌we are here because‌‌ we want to show you‌‌ what we can do, ‌‌but we also want you‌‌ to be part of our world as well‌‌.”

-------- H.E. Mr. John Aquilina, Ambassador of the Republic of Malta to China

“High-tech is a well-developed sector in Uruguay, and Uruguay is the first software exporter in Latin America. China is one of the leading countries in software, so I believe that there is a lot of room to improve our collaboration and cooperation among the companies of the two countries.”

-------- Mr. Martin Alvez, Consul General of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Guangzhou

“We would like to see cooperation in 3 domains with Hainan in this amazing opportunity of the free trade port. First of all with Hainan being the entrance and exit port of Chinese Mainland for Israeli products that go to Israel and the Middle East, I think that all the traders would be very interested to see how the policies will be implemented and how the containers full of merchandises can go through this free trade port. Secondly, our interest is in the high-tech and science cooperation. There is already a list of Israeli companies that are willing to come to China to collaborate with Chinese companies. The third one is on the medical field that we already started ---- Israeli companies already had seminar with Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, to see how they can utilize and benefit from this new initiative, especially in digital medicine field.”

-------- Mr. Peleg Lewi, Consul General of the State of Israel in Guangzhou

“On behalf of my country, la Côte d 'Ivoire, I would like to salute the Hainan provincial government, especially for their vision for the development of the province. Hainan is a new gateway to the world, so I would also like to appeal to investors and politicians to seize this opportunity to invest in Hainan free trade port. Because Hainan is going to be the future not just for China, but for the whole world.”

-------- Mr. Kipre Patrice, Executive Consul General of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire in Guangzhou

“What we have seen here is the achievement that should make every Hainan citizen very proud of. Hainan could be an example that everybody has to start learning from. This visit is an experience that I cherish, and I will come again to start learning from the Chinese experience and start cooperation. I wish all the best to Hainan, and I am sure that all the vision that Hainan government is working on is going to pay dividends. ”

------ H.E. Mr. Mohamed Elbadri, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to China



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