Exploring varieties of recreational fishing in Hainan

By Chen Shumin / hiHainan / Updated: 2020-07-30,18:23

On July 29, a press conference on accelerating the healthy development of recreational fishing in Hainan Province was held in Haikou.

Through the optimization of the allocation of various forms of fishery resources, recreational fishing industry combines fishing with leisure and entertainment, sightseeing, ecological construction, cultural heritage, science education, catering, etc., to develop diverse projects such as recreational fishing, fishing experience and sightseeing, leisure marine ranch, fish delicacy, homestay in fishing village, aquarium equipment, aquatic product shopping, competitions and festivals, ornamental fish, popular science education, cultural creativity, etc.

Danjia Fishing Row

Danjia Fishing Row

A world-class marine aquaculture base and the national largest grouper aquaculture base are located in Xincun Port in Lingshui, Hainan.

It is a special experience to taste local specialty seafood at Danjia Fishing Row in Lingshui. The popular dishes include Mantis Shrimp, Angler Crab, Chickendrum-shaped Snail Meat, Coconut Squid, etc.

 Mantis Shrimp

Chickendrum-shaped Snail Meat.

Leisure fishing

A fishing spot in Sanya.

Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya is called "Sanya's No. 1 Sea Fishing Spot" by sea fishing enthusiasts, which boasts various characteristic fish resources such as Spotted Scat, Humphead Wrasse, Brassy Chub, Seriola Dumerili, Orange-spotted Snakehead, etc.

A sea fishing spot in Wanning.

There are also many traditional natural fishing grounds with abundant fish resources in Wanning and Wenchang. Among them, Wenchang Qizhou Archipelago is also hailed as the "Sea Fishing Paradise" by fishing enthusiasts home and abroad, and is recognized as the "World's Third Sea Fishing Ground" by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

Tanmen Beachcombing

Tourists go beachcombing at the beach in Tanmen.
A seafood market at Tanmen Port, Qionghai.

Beachcombing is an activity in which people look for and collect various small sea creatures such as shellfish, crabs and fishes at the beach and the intertidal zone. During beachcombing period in Tanmen, at the evening, tourists and locals collect fresh seafood with a bucket or net bag in one hand and a shovel in the other.

Seaview Homestay

Beauctiful seaview of Sanya West Island. 
A homestay in West Island Fishing Village

In recent years, with upgrading and reconstruction of docks, roads, community squares, vegetable markets and other infrastructure in the fishing village, West Island community has witnessed the construction of Floating Library, West Island Cultural and Creative Museum, and Women Militia Pavilion successively.

In November 2017, the first phase of the West Island Fishing Village was completed, which showcased the integration of scenic spot and fishing village.



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