Interviews with Expats on Hainan FTP② | Olga: Let the world know Hainan

By Jin Nannan / hihainan / Updated: 2020-06-09,16:02

Editor's note:

On June 1, the Hainan Free Trade Port Overall Plan was officially released! A completely open new Hainan is sure to attract investment, travelers, and new residents to this beautiful island.

Hainan International Media Center(HIMC) launches a program series of video Interviews with Expats on Hainan Free Trade Port. The HIMC Guest Hostess interviews internationals working in diverse fields in Hainan, talking about the opportunities of the construction of the world’s largest free trade port, and sharing their expectations for the Hainan Free Trade Port. 

Olga, from Russia, is a Mandarin-speaking TV hostess, news anchor and an environmentalist. Olga speaks fluent Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, as well as some Spanish, Arabic, and Indonesian. With her language talent and rich hosting experience, she is often invited to be a multilingual hostess for international events in many places around the world. Her perfect Mandarin without any accent, knowledge of Chinese culture and mentality, makes her an excellent cultural bridge between China and the outside world, between the stage and the audience.

Olga, from Russia, is a famous TV hostess and environmentalist in China and around the world.

Olga interviews Jackie Chan, a famous Chinese movie star.

Olga interviews Jim Rogers, a renowned investor and financial commentator from America.
Olga interviews Yao Ming, a well-known Chinese basketball player.

When it comes to Hainan, Olga said that the place left a deep impression on her and she loved Hainan so much especially the lovely and kind Hainan people. Olga wrote a special song for Hainan and she shared it in the video.

“As a Hainan lover, I do believe that Hainan can succeed in constructing the free trade port. Hainan definitely can reach all theses goals, and it is going to be more and more international. More and more people will visit Hainan and know Hainan,” said Olga.

Olga also pays attention to the relevant policies on Hainan Free Trade Port. “I learned from the policies of constructing Hainan free trade port that Hainan welcomes more international universities to open branches in the place, and more visa-free policies will be provided for people from all over the world. I believe that Hainan will become an international cultural exchange center, ” Olga sent her best wish to the Hainan free trade port.

Presented by Guo Zhimin, Wu Bin, Lin Shaowei

Executive Producers: Han Chaoguang, Luo Jianli

Chief Planner: Chen Shuhuan

Planner & Producer: Xu Shenglan

Guest Host: Sarah Sinskie(the U.S.)

Reporters & Video Editor & Subtitles: Jin Nannan

Technical Director: Lin Zheng

Technicians: Qiao Shenghua, He Chuanfeng, Wu Kunhua, Chen Yuncheng

Editor: Jin Nannan



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