Interviews with Expats on Hainan FTP ④ | Brian Back: Hainan FTP boosts education

By Jin Nannan / hihainan / Updated: 2020-06-18,16:01

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On June 1, the Hainan Free Trade Port Overall Plan was officially released! A completely open new Hainan is sure to attract investment, travelers, and new residents to this beautiful island. Hainan International Media Center(HIMC) launches a program series of video Interviews with Expats on Hainan Free Trade Port. The HIMC Guest Host interviews internationals working in diverse fields in Hainan, talking about the opportunities the construction of the world's largest free trade port will bring to Hainan, China and the globe, and sharing their expectations for the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Brian Back, from the United States, is an English teacher. Having lived in many cities such as Qinhuangdao, Tianjin in China, Brian moved to Sanya  a few years ago. Currently Brian is living in Haikou and teaching at The Affiliated High School of Peking University.

As an English teacher, Brian pays attention to the development of education in Hainan. When it comes to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, Brian relates it to education field. "I think there are two aspects that will help the education in Hainan. First, the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port will attract people from overseas countries and they will bring high-quality business, investment and education. Second, more high-quality schools will be opened in Hainan, and I think the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and the development of education in Hainan will benefit each other," said Brian.

Now over 50 elite schools are introduced to Hainan, Brian thinks highly of these schools and the future of the education development in Hainan. "I'd like to use an analogy of boats and ocean. As these elite schools come to Hainan, each school will bring great amount of water. As we raise the water level, we are going to help all of the boats raise up in the water. And those boats are the students. Even if some students don't have the chance to study in these excellent schools, they are still going to have the excellent education resources. Because the schools will have cooperation with the local schools and teachers. So we will raise the water level of the island, and that's a good thing for everybody," said him through using an analogy.

Brian enjoys hiking with his family in Hainan.

Brian lives a joyful life with his family in Hainan.

Brian is making black soybean tofu with his kids at the Happy Farm in Hainan.

Brian and his kids enjoy surfing in Hainan.

Presented by Guo Zhimin, Wu Bin, Lin Shaowei
Executive Producers: Han Chaoguang, Luo Jianli
Chief Planner: Chen Shuhuan
Planner & Producer: Xu Shenglan
Guest Host: Sarah Sinskie(the U.S.)
Guest: Brian Back(the U.S.)
Reporter & Video Editor & Subtitles: Jin Nannan
Technical Director: Lin Zheng
Technicians: Qiao Shenghua, Wu Kunhua
Cameraman: Zheng Guangping
Editor: Jin Nannan



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