Interviews with Expats on Hainan FTP ⑤ | Vivian: I fell in love with Hainan at first sight.

By Jin Nannan / hihainan / Updated: 2020-06-25,13:29

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On June 1, the Hainan Free Trade Port Overall Plan was officially released! A completely open new Hainan is sure to attract investment, travelers, and new residents to this beautiful island. Hainan International Media Center(HIMC) launches a program series of video Interviews with Expats on Hainan Free Trade Port. The HIMC Guest Host interviews internationals working in diverse fields in Hainan, talking about the opportunities the construction of the world's largest free trade port will bring to Hainan, China and the globe, and sharing their expectations for the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Vivian Lavin, from Chile, is a journalist, writer and literary agent with more than 25 years of experience in the publishing, editing and creation of Latin American cultural materials. She has written 4 books based on her interviews of an ever-increasing list of Latin American writers, artists, and also testimonies from women imprisonment during the Chilean Pinochet’s regime. In 2002, Vivian created a weekly literary radio show, "Vuelan Las Plumas". Currently, she manages VLP Agency, a literary agency which represents a selected group of authors, illustrators and publishers from Latin America and Spain, focusing on the Asian Market.

Being invited as a guest to the first Hainan Island International (Tourism) Books Fair in November, 2019, Vivian was impressed by the landscape, weather, people and delicious food of Hainan island. "It was the first time for me to visit China. It took 30 hours to fly from Santiago to Hainan, but when I arrived in Hainan, I fell in love with this tropical island. It was a wonderful experience!" Vivian recalled.  

"Last year's Hainan Island International (Tourism) Books Fair was an international event where I met many publishers, writers and illustrators and so on. I also got a chance to talk to different people and read many high-quality books," she said.

Vivian was invited as a guest of Hainan Island International (Tourism) Books Fair in 2019.

Vivian pays close attention to the development of Hainan although she is far away from Hainan Island. "Hainan left a deep impression on me, and I think Hainan's development is an example to the world. I think the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port will provide great opportunities for people all over the world, and it is amazing," she said.

Vivian said that she misses Hainan and she wants to visit Hainan again with her family in the near future. She looks forward to seeing a better Hainan. 

Vivian met different people in Hainan Island International (Tourism) Books Fair in 2019.

Vivian shared her opinions on publishing industries in the Sino-foreign Publishing Cultural Exchange Seminar of the books fair.

Vivian had a good time in Hainan Island International (Tourism) Books Fair.



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