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By Jin Nannan / hihainan / Updated: 2020-07-07,19:57

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On June 1, the Hainan Free Trade Port Overall Plan was officially released! A completely open new Hainan is sure to attract investment, travelers, and new residents to this beautiful island.

Hainan International Media Center(HIMC) launches a program series of video Interviews with Expats on Hainan Free Trade Port. The HIMC Guest Host interviews internationals working in diverse fields in Hainan, talking about the opportunities the construction of the world’s largest free trade port will bring to Hainan, China and the globe, and sharing their expectations for the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Charlie Sporns

Charlie Sporns is an award-winning writer, director, editor, and composer from Montreal, Canada. Graduated from New York Film Academy, Charlie has been working in film industry since 2011. Charlie founded Glasscore Entertainment which is a Los Angeles-based production company. Charlie's feature-length dramatic films are often set to use the rapidly modernizing tropical island of Hainan as the shooting scene. Charlie has created many innovative films such as Slip away, Mei's Bridge, and Baby, etc.

Charlie has a special bond with Hainan. When he was 6 years old, he came to Hainan with his father for the first time and started to have a deep relationship with Hainan island. And he said that he has got much inspiration from the experience in Hainan, where the movie he is working on.

“I think people should know about Hainan, and more talents should come to Hainan. The more people come to Hainan, the film industry in Hainan will be better,” said him. Charlie is attracted by the special culture in Hainan.

“I believe the real attraction of Hainan is the local people and culture. Hainan not only boasts picturesque landscape, but also unique island culture and Hainan lifestyle, and that’s the reason why I want to shoot my films in Hainan,” said Charlie.

Charlie came to Hainan with his father for the first time when he was six.

Inspired by the experience in Hainan, Charlie created innovative movies about Hainan.

Baby is a film shot by Charlie in Hainan.

Charlie posts his comments on films on Tiktok.

Presented by Guo Zhimin, Wu Bin, Lin Shaowei

Executive Producers: Han Chaoguang, Luo Jianli

Chief Planner: Chen Shuhuan

Planner & Producer: Xu Shenglan

Guest Host: Sarah Sinskie (the U.S.)

Guest: Charlie Sporns (Canada)

Reporter & Video Editor & Subtitles: Jin Nannan

Technical Director: Lin Zheng

Technicians: Qiao Shenghua, He Chuanfeng, Wu Kunhua, Chen Yuncheng

Cameraman: Zheng Guangping

Editor: Jin Nannan



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