Discovering Mysteries E08: Rhythms in the Water

By / hihainan / Updated: 2020-06-29,09:58

Location: Yinggeling Nature Reserve, Hainan, China

Feathered branches of mountain streams wend through the Yinggeling Nature Reserve

which is rich in water resources

and is the birthplace of the main tributaries of the Nandu and Changhua Rivers

These mountain streams contain an abundance of aquatic life

This Asian Swamp Eel is long and lean

with delicate facial features

One freshwater crab conceals itself beneath the water, feeding on dead leaves

another cautiously passes by

when it encounters danger it will raise its arms in a display of strength

and then scuttle away

This seemingly top-heavy frog is called the Fragile Large-Headed Frog

poking his head up from the water, he keeps vigilant watch

his skin seems to be one with the surrounding rocks

awkward when jumping on land

this frog moves with elegance and beauty when swimming underwater

As the source area for two mighty rivers

here there is an abundance of diverse habitats

providing the ideal environment for fish

In the rainforest, streams are full of constant changes

shoals of fish dart by

making filming extremely challenging

until we encountered the Qiongzhong River Loach resting on a rock

We slowed down our film speed 8x

so we could see the fish movements in detail

as the Iridescent Minnow forages

it turns and twists abruptly

reflecting flashes of sunlight and dazzling the eye



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