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The construction of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics is a significant move for China's opening up to the outside world. Numerous people have come to Hainan from all around the world and settled down in this international tropical island in the past two years. 

Special reports of Foreigners in Hainan · I'm waiting for you in Hainan Free Trade Port planned by Hainan International Media Center (HIMC), hihainan.info, will tell the stories of expats living and working in Hainan from the perspective of our expat guest hosts. The program aims to share Hainan's stories with people around the world, and connect China with other countries across the globe.

Lara:Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of Foreigners in Hainan and I'm your guest host. What a privilege to be with doctor Tariq Masood at Haikou Experimental Station, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. Doctor Masood, could you please introduce yourself to us?

Tariq:Sure. Hi everyone, I'm Tariq Masood, and I'm from Pakistan. I'm a teacher and researcher of agricultural science.

Lara:Can you tell us what brought you to Hainan?

Tariq:I came here due to a program that is called Talented Young Scientist Program. It is financially sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. I came here in November last year. Before coming to Hainan, I knew little about this place. Actually I visited China in 2011 to do some scientific research and I really enjoyed the convenient life in this country. So I wished to have another chance to work in a highly-equipped lab in China someday. Then luckily, one of my friends who studied in Hainan Normal University introduced me to Hainan island. He recommended me to apply for the research position in Haikou Experimental Station of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. Finally, I was very fortunate to get the position here. 

Lara:What kind of research are you doing now? And what kind of milestones have you achieved here?

Tariq:My research is about the tropical fruit. As you know, Hainan is a tropical island, and there are a lot of delicious tropical fruits here. Now I'm working on the research of passion fruit. As far as my project is concerned, my work is to study anti-cancer compound in fruits. If the compound exists, we will extract it and analyze its detailed mechanism to learn how this compound reduces cancer cells. We have made a lot of efforts throughout the past 6 months. After extracting the compound from the plants' leaves and fruit, we put it into petri dishes and then analyze it under the lab conditions. Because the lab can provide an ideal environment, which means the compound works most actively in this environment. We have found two to three compounds inside the leaves and fruit of passion fruit. We use different biological technology to promote the scientific research. 

Lara:As a tropical island, Hainan boasts nice weather and environment. Are the environmental conditions helpful when you are doing research?

Tariq:Definitely. Because my work relates to tropical agriculture. The climate conditions in Hainan help us do research on tropical fruit. The tropical environment is definitely an advantage for us to do the research.

Lara:Did you face any difficulties in process of agricultural sciences research?

Tariq:Yes. My research is often influenced by environment. There are many cyclones in Hainan every year. Although I have not seen the cyclones yet, I think I might see it in the future. And the cyclones will hinder the research on the tropical fruits.

Lara:About 60% of the population on this tropical island live in the countryside, and agriculture is a fundamental industry in Hainan. Could you tell us how the Hainan Free Trade Port promotes the local agricultural industry?

Tariq:Food is the basic necessity of every human being. As you said that 60% of the population here are working in the agriculture sector. As for us, we are doing research on tropical fruits and vegetables that are very common on this island. Through doing research, we can get food of good quality. Due to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, people can transport the high-quality food to different parts of the world. And they can also do some business like selling the food to overseas countries, which will promote the economic growth.

Tariq:I'm waiting for you here at Hainan Free Trade Port. There are many opportunities regarding scientific research work. You will fall in love with this beautiful island!

LaraIt's delightful to communicate with doctor Masood today! We learn how passionate he is about his research in Hainan. We are waiting for you here at Hainan Free Trade Port! 

Doctor Masood is dong scientific research on his lab. [Photo/ Yao Hao]

Doctor Masood is doing research on tropical fruits. [Photo/ Yao Hao]

Doctor Masood is doing research on passion fruit in his lab. [Photo/ Yao Hao]

Doctor Masood encourages more global talents to Hainan Free Trade Port. [Photo/ Yao Hao]



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