Foreigners in Hainan|Sinskie Family: We enjoy living in Wenchang, Hainan

By Xu Shenglan, Jin Nannan, Li Hao / hihainan / Updated: 2020-03-06,20:40

John Sinskie, from the United States, teaches English at Hainan College of Foreign Studies in Wenchang, Hainan. His wife Sarah Sinskie used to be an English teacher and now she helps John do some school projects. The couple have three lovely children, John Gabriel, Ellie, and Alaina. This year marks the 4th year of the family living in Hainan.

Sarah Sinskie is telling a story to the children. [Photo/ Li Hao]

Back to 2008, John visited Hainan for the first time when he was still at college. The beautiful place left a deep impression on his mind and he fell in love with it. In 2014, John and Sarah got married, and they came to Hainan for an English workshop in that summer. In 2016, the Sinskie family decided to move to China, starting their new life in Hainan.

Sarah loves cooking. [Photo/ Li Hao]

“I love my students, I love my job, and I love being here,” said John. As a college English teacher in Wenchang, John is fond of teaching and loves living in Hainan. “When I was in America, I taught drama and music. After moving to Hainan, I got an opportunity to teach primary students drama, and I enjoy doing it,” said Sarah with a smile.

The Sinskie family living in Wenchang, Hainan. [Photo/ Li Hao]

During the epidemic period, going outside is limited, but the family still have a lot of fun at home. Sarah enjoys cooking, John loves studying Chinese and the children play obstacle games with their parents. The home is full of happiness. “During the epidemic period, my son’s teacher usually sends his assignments to me through WeChat, so I can help his homework and practice my Chinese as well,” said Sarah. “I like to study Chinese in my daily life, for example, I usually read my Chinese textbook, write Chinese characters and listen to Chinese radio,” said John.

John spends time in studying Chinese during the epidemic period. [Photo/ Li Hao]

“We really appreciate what Chinese government has done and China has done excellent job. The college take care of us, they gave us masks so I can go to the supermarket safely,” said John. Looking forward to going outside, the family all agree to walk around in the beautiful city when the epidemic is over. “We would like to have some wonderful snack and drink coconut water,” said Sarah.

The lovely Sinskie family babies.

Sarah is singing I Love You, China in Chinese.



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