Two Sessions Special Program: Poverty alleviation in the mountain area of Hainan

By Shi Yihan, Xu Shenglan,Zheng Guangping / hiHainan / Updated: 2020-01-16,18:09

Joshua Crosbie (New Zealand), guest host of Hainan International Media Center(HIMC), has been living and studying in Hainan for many years, and he has witnessed the rapid changes in Hainan since its construction of Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Free Trade Port .

The year of 2020 is the significant year for the development of Hainan. This year, Hainan will strive to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation along with other provinces and regions across the country, lifting all the poverty-stricken families and poverty-stricken counties out of the poverty.

The passion fruit base in Maodao Village in Wuzhishan City. (Photo by Zheng Guangping)

In Hainan, more than 700,000 people have successfully lifted out of poverty in the past few years. As a foreigner, Joshua was interested in the story of struggling against poverty. This time, he came to Maodao Village in Wuzhishan city, where there is a passion fruit base. Wonderful results come from scientific planning and top cultivation technology guidance for specific poverty alleviation by the cadres.

Joshua gained a deeper understanding of the process of Hainan’s poverty alleviation by interviewing the major secretary of Maodao Village Huang Yejun as well as the villagers.

HIMC's guest host Joshua Crosbie interviews with the local villagers. (Photo by Zheng Guangping)

At present, the cultivation area of passion fruit base has reached more than 120 mu, lifting 280 poverty-stricken households out of poverty. Throughout the technological guidance, this abandoned field now can yield “golden fruits”.

In this episode of “This is Hainan: Two Sessions Special Program”, let us follow the foreign host Joshua from HIMC to visit the passion fruit base in Maodao village, to learn the beautiful story of poverty alleviation and witness the poverty alleviation in the mountain area of Hainan. 

HIMC's guest host Joshua Crosbie interviews with the local villagers. (Photo by Zheng Guangping)

HIMC's guest host Joshua Crosbie visits the folk museum of Maodao Village. (Photo by Shi Yihan)

HIMC's guest host Joshua Crosbie is recording the program at Maodao village.

The First Secretary of Maodao Village Huang Yejun is interviewed by the English reporters from HIMC.



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