Two Sessions Special Program: The art scene of Qilou Old Street

By Ding Xin,Li Hao,Chen Yuanneng / hiHainan / Updated: 2020-01-13,16:20

Everyone nowadays might feel deeply that Hainan is accelerating the construction of the free trade port, and Hainan is changing dramatically everyday. One of the most obvious changes is that this beautiful island is becoming more and more artistic. There are more and more international cultural events holding here, such as the Hainan Island International Film Festival, and the first Hainan Island International (Tourism) Book Fair, which draw the attention from all over the world. Actually, apart from these large international cultural events, cultural and artistic trends have also quietly risen in some old streets and ancient lanes, cultural and creative towns, and beautiful countryside in Hainan. 

The building complex of Qilou Old Street in Haikou was initially formed from the 1920s to the 1940s. This is one of the favorite places for foreign friends. With the advancing of the whole restoration of the old street, the ancient streets and lanes are changing every day. Especially in the past two years, a trend of culture and art has quietly risen in the old streets of Qilou, such as Qiong opera in the century-old Sotto Porticos Theatre, the "Jazz Night", Scene of Poem Show, immersive 5D show, other street performances, etc. A number of international and trendy activities are held every day here. The entire old street is full of cultural charm, which makes people want to spend time here. Let's go to Haikou Qilou Old Street together with our guest host Tommy and feel these cultural trends in the ancient street.

Haikou Qilou Old Street. (Photo by Chen Yuanneng)

HIMC's host Tommy Coleman from America is experiencing the art scene of Qilou Old Street. (Photo by Li Hao)

HIMC's host Tommy Coleman is interviewing with Russian Singer Anna.(Photo by Li Hao)

HIMC's host Tommy Coleman enjoys the "Scene of Poem" Show. (Photo by Li Hao)



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