This is Hainan Episode2: Meet Yao Ming and visit old villages in north of Hainan

By Ding Xin, Li Hao and Shi Yihan / hihainan / Updated: 2019-11-03,20:26

In Northern Hainan Island, there are ancient houses built with volcanic stones, ancient Artiaris toxicaria trees,  centuries-old stone tablets, and the unique "water tank culture” with strong Hainan humanistic characteristics. Have you ever been there before? In the second episode of This is Hainan, our guest host Tommy will take you into the Northern Hainan Island(Qiongbei) volcanic villages. Take your bike, and start the volcanic culture biking tour with Tommy!

The suggested route of the volcanic culture tour could be: Haikou Shishan Greenways as the first stop of the rural biking, Haikou Boxue Village as the second, Haikou Meimei Village as the third, and Haikou Fengtang Green Park as the final stop. Meimei Village is especially important in this rural biking tour. Meimei Village was built during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. It was called Meimei (another Mei Chinese character) Village in the past, which means that the village is beautiful. In Meimei Village, the ancient volcanic stone village gate, the volcanic stone block house to protect the villagers, the magnificent volcanic stone houses, and the stone tablets are all well preserved, showing original ecological characteristics and the unlimited charm of volcanic culture.

So where does the Qiongbei volcanic culture come from? The volcanic group in Northern Hainan Island is a geological relic of rift-type basic volcanic activity formed during the formation and evolution of the Qiongzhou Strait. The volcanic culture of Northern Hainan Island records the historical development track of the local residents, social changes, the formation of local conditions, and the inheritance of social customs. If you want to escape the city for a while and experience the unique volcanic culture, then come to the ancient village and listen to the echoes of history in the ancient courtyard of the volcanic stone houses.

This is Hainan also expects foreign friends’ participation, if you are interested in joining our program and being our Guest Host, please send us your brief introduction to, we are looking forward to your participation.



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