The Voice of Hainan: 17 Foreign diplomatic envoys say, Hainan is becoming more open

By Shi Yihan / English Channel / Updated: 2019-01-22,08:51

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17 Foreign diplomatic envoys in China:Hainan is becoming more open

On January 18th, the foreign diplomatic envoys from 17 countries visited Sanya and Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County to investigate the development of health care, culture, ecological protection and tourism industries in Hainan. They are looking forward to having more cooperation and contribution to  social and economic development of both sides.

After  visiting, Tania Romualdo, the foreign diplomatic envoys from Cape Verde would meet the Cape Verde international students and get to know their studies and life, and share her feelings about the visiting in Hainan on January 19.

“I hope Cape Verde international students can cherish the opportunity of studying in Sanya and bring the experience of Hainan’s development to our country,” said Tania Romualdo.

Cape Verde regularly sent international students to study in Sanya these years and cooperated with Hainan in terms of economy, education, tourism and so on. Tania Romualdo showed her expectation for the development of Hainan’s environmental protection and tropical agriculture. “Hainan has always focused on the environmental protection in the past 30 years and I am looking forward to having more cooperation in this field,"said Tania Romualdo.

“The combination of medical treatment and tourism in Boao, the combination of folk culture and tourism in Baoting, the cruise tour in Sanya, all of these have enriched Hainan’s tourism industry. What impressed me most is the special approval for the import of medicine and medical equipment in Boao Lecheng international medical tourism pilot zone, it showed us Hainan is becoming more open, China is becoming more open,” said Nguk Yang Dennis Nai, the foreign diplomatic envoys from Vanuatu.

“Hainan is so beautiful, I want to spend more time to see the blue sky, the sunshine and the sea in Hainan. As an island economy, Hainan has good development in terms of tourism, heath care and so on. We will invite the experts in the field of tourism and logistics to visit  Hainan as soon as possible and establish more cooperation,” said Janez Premoze, the foreign diplomatic envoys from Slovenia, who visited  Hainan for the second time.

The visiting in Hainan have made unforgettable memories for the foreign diplomatic envoys. During the interviews, many foreign diplomatic envoys showed their expectation for bringing the experience in Hainan to their own countries. “I am looking forward to establishing friendly relations between Costa Rica and Hainan,” said Patricia Rodriguez, the diplomatic envoy from Costa Rica.

Two new duty-free stores open in Hainan

Two new duty-free stores opened on Saturday in Haikou and Boao, South China's Hainan province.

It is hoped that the opening of the stores will further increase the tropical island's attraction to shoppers.

The new stores bring the number of duty-free shops in Hainan to four, with one already established store in Haikou Meilan International Airport, and the other in the resort city of Sanya on the southern tip of the island, the world's largest duty-free shop covering 120,000 square meters.

The Haikou store, located in the Mova Shopping Mall, covers more than 13,000 square meters, while the Boao store, near the Boao Forum for Asia in Qionghai site, covers more than 4,200 square meters.

Both provide duty-free goods in 38 categoraries, including perfumes, cosmetics, suitcase, handbags, watches, jewelry, and food, all purchased by China Duty-Free Group from countries of origin.

Nearly 200 brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Shiseido attracted huge crowds of customers on the first day of business, said Sun Lili, a manager at the Haikou store.

Officials with provincial government said the duty-free stores will sell high-end consumer goods to both locals and tourists, further boost tourism and related industries, and promote the construction of Hainan as an international tourism consumption center.

Central authorities eased the duty-free shopping quota from 16,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan in December, in a move to encourage tourism and domestic consumption, as Hainan island looks to establish itself as a major free-trade port.

The new policy applies to all passengers who leave the island by air, train and ship.

The duty-free shopping policy was introduced to Hainan in April 2011 to help develop the island into a world-class tourist destination by 2020.

The policy has adapted five times since, with broader coverage of shopping items and fewer restrictions.

More than 12 million tourists have purchased duty-free products worth 40 brillion yuan in Hainan, from April 20, 2011 to date, according to official figures.



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