The Voice of Hainan: Booking for crossing the sea, no traffic jam at Xiuying Harbour

By Shi Yihan / English Channel / Updated: 2019-02-13,08:25

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Booking for crossing the sea: no traffic jam at Xiuying Harbour

On February 10, the final day of the week-long Spring Festival holiday, the booking for crossing the sea at Xiuying Harbour made the traffic flow in order. The traffic police set up a special road to the harbour for the cars which had the booking and the volunteers would guide the cars by the road.

This year, due to the booking for crossing the sea, there were no traffic jam at the harbour and the road, the port department would know the number of cars from the booking and could arrange them orderly. This time, Haikou firstly used the devices for recognizing the cars which had bookings in two seconds, improving work efficiency during the Spring Festival holiday.

Additionally, in order to keep the traffic flowing, Hainan has released 12 measures such as booking for crossing the sea, shrinking the shipment time.

Hainan duty-free shops were popular during the Spring Festival holiday

From February 4 to 9, the sales of four duty-free shops reached 490 million, the customers reached 115,400 and spent 4,303 yuan per person in average; on February 8, the sales reached 100 million.

Before the Spring Festival, the duty-free shop such as Haikou Duty-free shop and Sanya International Duty-free shop were prepared for the holiday in advance, updating the new brands, increasing the decorations of Spring Festival, promoting the special activities and preferential promotional activities, increasing the stuff members to guarantee the supply of sales in Spring Festival.

Director of The Wondering Earth graduated from Hainan University

Watching movies has become the most popular way to spend the leisure time during the Spring Festival Golden Week, and all the cinemas in Hainan were almost full of audiences holding popcorns and beverages.

The Wondering Earth, directed by Guo Fan and adapted from Liu Cixin's original novel, premiered on Feb 5 and has received good reviews from the audiences and achieved a great success in its box office. Industry insiders also predicted that this movie may be a thrilling start for Chinese sci-fi movies.

In the movie of The Wondering Earth, the sun will be destroyed in the near future, so the Earth have to flee to the solar system, with  propelling of over 10,000 engines.

The director Guo Fan, born in 1980 and graduated from Hainan University, directed his first romantic movie Lee's Adventures in 2011 and the drama My Old Classmate in 2014. The original author of the novel Liu Cixin, is one of China's most prominent science-fiction writers and a recipient of the Hugo Award in 2015 for his novel The Three-Body Problem.



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