The Voice of Hainan: New policy enables car registration for high-level talents in Hainan

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New policy enables car registration for high-level talents in Hainan

The CPC Hainan Provincial Committee Talent Office and the Public Security Department of Hainan Province jointly issued measures for the trial implementation of priority registration of passenger cars among high-level talents in Hainan province.

The measures aim to provide incentives to attract talents working in industries contributing to furthering provincial development, improve the mechanisms safeguarding and protecting high-level talents, and offer convenience to them through self-service offerings.

Those considered master talents, outstanding talents, leading talents, and top-notch talents can apply for direct car ownership registration. Other high level talents can obtain car ownership registration by queued online for the quality.

Master talents and outstanding talents introduced to Hainan without a local registered permanent residence have the same rights as those live in Hainan considered as same-level talents, while leading, top-notch and other talents introduced to Hainan need to queue online for a car increment index.

New energy vehicles will be given priority in the measures and passenger car regulation matters are the responsibility of the management agencies where the talents' employers are located.

Hainan Province realizes full coverage of cruise telecommunication quarantine

The information disclosed by Haikou Customs on May 8 shows that Haikou Port and Sanya Cruise Port of Hainan Province, which can berth cruises, have achieved full coverage of cruise telecommunications quarantine in recent days, further optimizing the cruise quarantine supervision mode and speeding up the Province's customs clearance of inbound and outbound cruises. 

It is understood that the implementation of telecommunications quarantine supervision will make it more convenient, fast and efficient for cruise ships to enter and exit. Cruise operators or their agents may apply for telecommunications quarantine by electronic, informational and written means 24 hours prior to the cruise ships are expected to arrive or leave the port. After receiving the approval and reply of telecommunications quarantine from the customs, inbound cruise ships can cancel the quarantine signal. And staffs can be allowed to get up and down upon arrival. The outbound cruise can leave directly, saving the customs clearance time for about 2 hours., This is Hainan



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