Logo and Slogan for Hainan Performing Arts Group Chosen

By David Janke / HICN / Updated: 18:29,14-March-2023

On March 9, the results of the competition to choose the logo and slogan of the Hainan Performing Arts Group (HPAG) were published. 3 logos and 3 slogans stood out, with the final winners been chosen from among them.

In terms of form, the winning logo depicts two objects, a dancing shoe in mid-motion and a musical note, speaking to the “music and dance” specialties of HPAG. Hidden within the logo are the shapes of a flag, a stage and a mobius loop (∞), representing HPAG’s determination to be a flagship leader of the performing arts industry for well into the future.

(Photo courtesy of the Hainan Performing Arts Group)

The first runner-up logo evokes the spirit of the sea as the main design element, incorporating the flowing lines of Hainan Rosewood, the waves of the sea, the prominence of a coconut tree, and the blossoming of a Begonia, to show off the reds, blues and greens of the Hainan FTP’s cultural landscape and the industry in which HPAG operates.

(Photo courtesy of the Hainan Performing Arts Group)

The second runner-up logo employs three wavy lines of different colors, with the blue line representing Hainan’s regional landscape, the green one representing Hainan’s ecology and vitality, and the red one representing Hainan’s colorful artistic life.

(Photo courtesy of the Hainan Performing Arts Group)

The winning slogan was “Hai zhi nan, Yi fei fan” (Hainan, Extraordinary Art). The jury panel felt that the clever use of pun and rhyme in the slogan was extremely masterful.

The runners-up, “Mei yi tian·Dou you xi” (Beauty and Promise Everyday) and “Hainan yanyi, Jingcai shijie” (Hainan’s Interpretation of the World) were both praised for their use of pun implying the beauty in everyday life and alluding to the Chinese name of HPAG, respectively.

Hainan Performing Arts Group (HPAG) is a state-owned cultural enterprise group committed to creating quality performing arts works, boosting the vitality of Hainan’s performing arts market and contributing to the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port. 



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