Hainan FTP Mid-year Data Report ③:Talent
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I. Bringing Talent to Hainan

Since President Xi Jinping's important speech on Apr. 13, 2018, announcing that Hainan would become a Free Trade Pilot Zone and a Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics, as of November 20, 2020, Hainan brought in a total of 201,000 talented individuals, up 662% compared with the same period before the “4·13” speech. 

Between the release of the "Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" on June 1 and November 20, 2020, Hainan  brought in a total of 103,000 talented individuals, up 1989% compared with the same period before the “4·13” speech.  


1. Building Talented Teams

On September 23, the first group of Hainan’s "Double Hundred" talented teams was unveiled. (“Double 100" refers to 100 "talented teams" and 100 "reserve talented teams”.) These talented teams include 13 teams led by Chinese scholars and 4 teams led by talented individuals from overseas, including 2,237 high-level talented individuals and 203 talented individuals from overseas. Members hold over 3,000 patents and host and participate in over 5,000 national and provincial level projects.

2. First Hainan Provincial Talent Fund Officially Starts Operation

The Hainan Provincial Talent Fund, which has a target of 1 billion yuan, mainly invests in early and mid-stage enterprises established both directly and indirectly by talented individuals and teams. The fully-funded first phase of the fund totals 210.1 million yuan, 60% of which is invested in enterprises in Hainan. On August 28 of this year, the first phase of the fund completed registration in the local administration for industry and commerce. On October 30, the Fund officially started operation.

II. Transferring Household Registrations to Hainan

From June 1 to November 20, 66,948 people from other Chinese provinces transferred their household registrations to Hainan, up 181.72% year-on-year.

III. Residence Permits for International Personnel 

As of November 20, Hainan had issued a total of 1,738 work residence permits during 2020, of which 1,039 were issued from June 1 to November 20 this year, accounting for 59.78% of the year’s total.

The monthly average number of work residence permits issued in the first five months was around 140, while the monthly average from June to November jumped by 23.6% to around 173.

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