A warm and relaxing Sanya winter!
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Winter in Sanya is mild and comfortable. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities, not too hot or too cold. You can find egrets frolicking in the mangrove forest, kids playing in parks and streets, and enjoy a beautiful sunset with a gentle sea breeze on the coast. This is the best season in Sanya!

An egret fluttering in the mangrove forest. (Chen Congcong)

On the evening of Nov. 16th , players were scrambling for the ball in a 6-man football competition held by the city of Sanya. (Yuan Yongdong, Zhuo Huairu)

In Sanya's Liupan Village, the rice fields have just been harvested, and the fields show the marks of a bumper crop. (Liu Qicheng)

In Sanya’s East Bank Wetland Park, flowers bloom along the water’s edge. (Sun Qing)

A worker mows the lawn beside the Yuechuan Bridge. (Sun Qing)

Yachts seen from the skyscrapers on Sanya’s Phoenix Island flit back and forth across the surface of the sea. (Yuan Yongdong)

Workers spare no effort in building decorations for the annual Hainan Island International Film Festival. (Chen Congcong)

Children are having a swimming lesson in Danzhou Village, Sanya. (Li Xueshi)

The image of the mountains is reflected on the waters of the Dalong Reservoir in the Yucai Ecological Zone. (Li Xueshi)

In the Yuanyang Eco Farm in Jiyang District, Sanya, romaine lettuce brought in from the Netherlands is growing well. (Yuan Yongdong)

A visitor captures a beautiful Sanya sunset on her phone’s camera. (Li Xueshi)

A mother taking photos of her child in front of a Chinese Dream Street Decoration. (Sun Qing)

Traffic police direct the traffic flow in the Sanya sunshine. (Liu Qicheng)

A couple took a selfie in front of a stunning sunset over the ocean in Sanya’s Luhuitou Park. (Li Xueshi)

An “Original Plaza Dancing Contest” event was held during the first Sanya Mass Cultural and Arts Season in Sanya. (Zhuo Huairu)

The Jiyang District School’s l4th Track Meet was held on the campus of Sanya Technician College of Hainan. A student athlete shows off a victory sign. (Chen Congcong)

The lush prosperity of the all-seasonal vegetable production base in the Yucai Ecological Zone can be seen through aerial photography. (Liu Qicheng)

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