Meilan Intl Airport Phase II Expansion Projects Conducted Pre-operation Inspection
News source:hiHainan / By Li Xiang / 09 08,2020 16:23:00 / others

On Sep 7th, 2020, the reporter learned that the Haikou Meilan International Airport Phase II Expansion Projects under HNA group (hereinafter referred to as "Meilan Phase II") would conduct the pre-operation inspection for engineering work of aircraft movement area, refueling servicing and Air Traffic Control (ATC) from Sep 8th to Sep 9th, which is another major step laying a solid foundation for an early operation. At present, the following units have been fully prepared for the pre-operation inspection.

Engineering work of aircraft movement area: the new aircraft movement area reference code is 4F and includes a 3600m long and 60m wide runway which is applicable for the world's largest civil aircraft A380 to take off and land, two parallel taxiways, gate way system and 72 stands (including 35 stands, 14 remote stands, 3 cargo stands and 20 maintenance stands). Two runways are 2100m apart.

Engineering work of refueling servicing: The refueling pipeline for the new ramp is 12.1km long, and 102 new refueling wells are added. After the refueling servicing of Meilan Phase II putting into operation, the pipeline will reach  26.5km and there will be 238 refueling wells in total.

Engineering work of Air Traffic Control (ATC): mainly includes new communication, navigation, surveillance, meteorological and other projects.

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