Hainan the new destination of foreign tourists

By Muhammad Imran / Pakistan Dawn News TV / Updated: 2019-04-09,11:33

From March 25th to 29th I with my colleagues and friends visited Hainan, a southern province of China. Hainan is an Island with beautiful sceneries, beaches, forests and much more. It takes four hours on flight from capital city of china to Hainan. Hainan is the new fascinated destination that attracts to foreign tourists. We landed at Sanya airport, a most developed and attractive place for tourists.

Sanya is connected with 14 countries and different regions through 30 air routes. Citizens of 59 countries can avail the on arrival visa facility. Average temperature of this city is 25 degree centigrade and every day sun shines more than 7 hours. After breathing in fresh air of this city, I am sure that you will forget your long tiring journey.

Sanya is stunning, don’t go to the beach, don’t visit the Malls and if you only have been to village 5 star, I am sure this will be your life time experience, me with my other colleagues from Asia Pacific and African countries visited 5 star village, from entrance to about hundred years old tree point, it was amazing and full of sceneries.

During the visit our first stay was nose float point , around one dozen artists with different musical instruments were spreading Melodies , nose float was something different which I experienced first time in china , in 3 minutes performance they catch our hearts and then we want to spend more time there but more unforgettable moments were ahead.

Performance on folk music with village life was another beauty of this village, even after the performance our colleagues and other tourist performed bamboo dance very well.

There are coconut trees everywhere in the village but when I saw the mango trees I was surprised because in Pakistan we only have 10 to 15 meters high trees of mango, these trees were smaller than three meters and they were loaded with mangoes, I wish Pakistani Mango farmers could get this variety. Local administration of this city is very active in developing more and more visiting points for the attraction of tourist.

Shomiya village is another example of the commitment of administration, they built more than three hundred rooms for tourists and beautify the village with carpeted roads and many view points. You can find public toilets less than 500 meters away. Administration provide awareness to the villagers that how they can earn money here with show off their natural life style and culture, that’s why many family who shifted to big cities now came back to home.

Sea food is the specialty of Hainan but you can taste spicy dishes from Sichuan province here. Rice coconut is one of the famous sweet dishes of this province and you can miss the chance to enjoy your beach moments without coconut water.

You will find every global brand and big name of hotel industry. More than 40000 rooms are available for visitors in this city, a businessman from Shanghai built world’s 2nd largest Atlantis resort in Sanya, although it is much expensive for middle class to stay here but you can enjoy the facility of Water Park and aquarium in few hundred RMB.

I will never forget the moments which I spent on 26th floor of this hotel, you can enjoy amazing view from the window of Suit the wind coming from sea gives you more pleasure which you can’t get from anything else. Intra city transport system in Hainan is best one. Buses and public taxies are available all the time. There are many highways and expressways and you can experience high speed train as well. A Cruise port is made at artificial island, china aims that they will convert it into biggest port of Asia, initially four cruises can stop at a time on this port and construction is underway on a mega conference hall for international investors. Yacht industry is also making progress here. In short you can spend quality time in Hainan and can avail every facility which any other tourist cities of the world are offering you.

The author Muhammad Imran is the reporter of Dawn News TV of Pakistan. From March 24 to 29, 2019, he was invited to attend the large scale interview activities with mainstream media from 49 countries in Asia and Africa in Hainan Free Trade Zone and free trade port, and published this article on newstoday.com on April 8, 2019. 

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作者穆罕默德·依姆兰是巴基斯坦黎明新闻电视台(Dawn News TV)记者,于3月24日至29日受邀参加亚非49国主流媒体走进海南自贸区自贸港大型采访活动,之后在newstoday.com发表该文。巴基斯坦黎明电视台创建于2007年,隶属巴最大的传媒集团——巴基斯坦先驱出版公司,总部设在巴基斯坦经济中心城市卡拉奇,在拉合尔、伊斯兰堡等地设有分站,信号覆盖巴基斯坦所有城市和大部分农村地区。24小时播出时事新闻、军事、文化等节目,是巴基斯坦影响力最大的电视媒体之一。

来源: http://newztodays.com/2019/04/08/hainan-the-new-destination-of-foreign-tourists/



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